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Head Trainer- Upland, CA


If you want a trainer who will push you, help you mitigate pain, hold you accountable, NOT shame you, get you WAY stronger, and help you get the best possible personal training experience all while keeping you safe, Priscilla is your person. 


Priscilla is hungry to learn about her clients and their unique needs and constantly researches and accesses material to provide the most attentive and educated service in the area. The most unique and important part of the Ironcide experience is that Priscilla is passionate and qualified to meet you right where you're at. Adept at coaching lifting and movement 101, 102, and 103 means she has you covered whether you have never exercised a day in your life or have been under a barbell for 30 years. With specializations in Strength Training and a focus on mobility, Ironcide is a safe place to learn and be the most badass version of yourself.


There are many reasons why folks want (or don't) want to hire a personal trainer. One might ask, how will hiring a trainer benefit me? Can I trust a trainer to have my best interests in mind? How do I envision myself and my body in the future? What do I want from this experience? And the reality of it is, while these are all the right questions, there are never total guarantees as far as outcomes.  What makes the ultimate difference in getting the experience you want and the accomplishing the goals you want to to meet  is finding a relationship with a trainer who will ask you those questions and figure out the best plan of attack for YOU. An understanding of the importance of that relationship is why Priscilla is best at what she does.


A San Diego native and an athlete from day one, Priscilla found a passion for sports, fitness and competition. She excelled above others with her drive, commitment and determination. After high school, upon receiving scholarship offers from several universities, she eventually put her cross hairs on one. She committed to Seattle Pacific University where she would play volleyball her Freshman and Sophmore year.  Missing the California weather, she transferred to Cal State University, San Bernardino her Junior and Senior year where she would help soar the team to the NCAA National Championship Tournament, with a 32-1 record. Her athletic career did not end there, as she finished her final year in college playing for the Women's Soccer team as goal keeper before earning her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.


The next step in Priscilla's life came easy and was largely due to her parents.... both of whom were into body building early on in her life. She attributes her foundation of knowledge to them and still resorts to their assistance at times. Her training philosphy blends aspects from Westside Barbell, Juggernaut Training Systems, Starting Strength, and Functional Range Systems.

With efforts to welcome people & bodies of all types, Priscilla values and has created a space for folks to explore their capabilities on an individual level. "I don't believe in shaming my clients into consistency, when you're ready to work and learn, that's what I'm here for. I want to give you a foundation that allows you to shape and define your health on your own level, not what society tells us a "fit" person is. The only guarantee I can make is that you will leave with exceptional amounts of knowledge than you started with. Your journey will be forever changing, and these tools will allow you to better embrace change. There is no bandwagon."




  • National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer

  • FRCms Provider

  • Kinstretch Provider 

  • USAPL Club Coach Certified

  • CPR/AED Certified

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